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Acquiring Shares In a Company; The Practical Approach

Every Company at a point will require growth. Depending on the size of the company, investments may be required in the form of either equity (shares) or debt (loans). If the investment is acquired in the form of debt, then a financial institution may be resorted to on terms and conditions to be agreed between […]

Employment Contracts in the Labour Market

As the operations of a company expand, it will be necessary to employ people to support the work under various arrangements. It is always advisable to spell out the terms and conditions into a contractual agreement. Once this is done, it defines the scope of work and the respective obligations of each other. In Ghana, […]

BOARD MEETINGS :Guidelines for Secretaries

After the successful incorporation of a company, the law requires certain meetings to be held by the company as a going concern. Among such meetings are the Annual General Meetings (“AGM”) and the Board of Directors Meetings (“Board Meetings”). Concerning the time interval for having an AGM, it should not be more than fifteen (“15”) […]

Establishing a company in Ghana: Guidelines for incorporation of a limited liability company

There are many misconceptions about the business terrain in Ghana. The most evident one has to do with company formation. It is not without doubt that most corporate institutions prefer contracts with corporate entities than individuals. Corporate entities give the contracting party the comfort of dealing with an institution which is a going concern and […]

Corporate Compliance; The Cardinal Guide To Foreign Investment In The Power Industry In Ghana

Every company at a juncture require growth. This progressive development will require investments to either revamp or increase the company’s annual turnover. Most foreign entities prior to investing in local businesses will require some legal due diligence (“Legal DD”) to be conducted on the company in order to be convinced that their investment will yield […]